This tree may not look like much, but it has quite a story to tell! The tree needed to be cut down in order to build a custom home for a client. In a spark of inspiration, we wondered if it could be used to build something within the home? What a memory that would be! The White Oak tree as milled on site, dried, and then hand carved into this one of a kind, beautiful custom door that will showcase their wine cellar. 



Be Inspired



This stunning fireplace transformation was achieved using the process of whitewashing brick. The existing brick was exposed, repaired, and covered with parging. Brick tile was then placed and whitewashed. The beautiful masonry work is definitely the focal point of the space!


Could the trees on your property be used to build your kitchen? While clearing the property for a custom home build, it was discovered that they owned beautiful wild cherry trees. We decided to mill the cherry trees on site into rough sawn lumber, and then used it to build their Farmhouse style painted wood and dark stained kitchen cabinetry. 



Do you have a work space that you would like to remodel or build? This salon features beautiful design, functionality, and stunning use of natural lighting.